Intersectoral integration with other institutions, referring physicians, experts and patients

Teleradiology according to German RöV

Web-based provision of image data at night and on weekends for the teleradiologist

Mobile viewing on the way

All images at any time on your mobile device (iOS, Android)

Telemedicine portal

Intersectoral exchange of multimedial patient data within telemedicine or in clinical trials

Creation of national networks

Multimedia inter-institutional electronic medical records with integrated image visualization

TKmed® – Telecooperation in medicine

TKmed® links medical institutions, from the GP to the University Hospital


Teleradiology according to German RöV

Professional counseling, services and software tools for acceptance and consistency testing according to DIN 6868-159

DICOM integration

Integrated DICOM communication and image display in the inter-sectoral case record 

Specialist consultation management

The integrated workflow support increases efficiency when requesting consultations from other specialists and answering to such requests