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As a newly developed complete solution, the NEXUS / RIS is particularly distinguished by its modern and innovative user interface. With the help of the new technology, workspaces (customized workspaces) can be created with just a few clicks. Each workspace consists of one or more functional areas – the plugins.

A special emphasis was placed on the implementation of the electronic workflow in radiology, which makes the use of paper forms, checklists, SOPs in paper form and many more obsolete. In addition, NEXUS / RIS helps to make work processes more efficient and transparent.


  • Freely definable workflows for maximum flexibility in the support and control of the work processes
  • Integration of tablet-based solutions, e.g., in the field of patient education, reporting
  • Convenient image transfers from the PACS and from 3D postprocessing solutions into the RIS report forms
  • Document archive
  • Control of clinical conferences
  • MPI management


  • Integrated WYSIWYG report-writing
  • Site- and cross-site process standardization
  • Multi-tenancy and the establishment of organizational units
  • Bi-directional integration of the NEXUS / RIS with the PACS


Nuclear medicine

Mapping workflows in nuclear medicine including RIA laboratory and laboratory data sheet

Personnel management

  • Staff information portal
  • Duty roster
  • Salary accounting

Quality management

  • Document control
  • Predesigned forms
  • Contract management
  • Report system

The NEXUS / INTEGRATIONSERVER is a flexible data rotary disk that combines different formats. From the simple overview and monitoring of the interfaces, the administration of patient IDs of various systems through an MPI (master patient index) up to the documentation of the interface landscape.

In addition to standard interface formats, we realize complex and system-specific interfaces and data formats. With our integration modules, we guarantee a highly efficient data exchange.


  • Connection of imaging systems via DICOM communication
  • Standardized and proprietary HL7 interfaces to information systems
  • Data transmission to billing and accounting systems (e.g., PVS / DATEV)
  • Master patient index (MPI)


  • Integration of you existing telephone system (TAPI)
  • Manufacturer-independent integration of existing PACS systems (front and back end control)
  • Support of the workflow by accessing relevant, interdisciplinary parameters such as laboratory values, operating reports, etc.

Your personnel are the greatest assets. Therefore, particular attention is paid to their professional development and guidance.

We can support you!

Staff information portal

  • Scheduling education and training
  • Documentation of skills and qualifications
  • Reminder e.g., to renew certificates for special subject knowledge
  • Administration of applications, contracts and performance reviews
  • Vacation request, electronic approval and forwarding to the rostering software

Duty roster

  • Site and cross-site personnel planning in just a few steps
  • Possible provision via the Intranet or through e-mail
  • Cost reduction due to efficient planning
  • Balance determination incl. overhead calculation to pass onto the payroll accounting
  • Connection to the NEXUS / TERMINPLANER
  • Display of skills

Payroll accounting

  • Maintain master data of employees and salary data
  • Gross/net accounting
  • Automatic adaption to legal and bargaining regulations
  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • Integration with sub-systems of duty roster, time management, accounting and controlling

NEXUS /RIS is augmented by the graphical planning module NEXUS /RIS TERMINMANAGEMENT. Existing jobs that need to be scheduled are available in the RIS and in the appointment management system.


  • Customizable graphical user interface with the current status of the medical examination
  • Perfect overview of the current occupancy and still available time slots


  • Quick overview of the capacity utilization of individual resources
  • Objective basis for the planning and optimization of resources

NEXUS /CURATOR is the answer to your organizational requests and your ideas of seamless communication.

Basic features of document control

  • Central versioning and historicization of all documents and SOPs
  • Automatic approval workflow
  • Creation of resubmission lists
  • Request for read confirmation

Contract management

  • Quick locating of your contracts (e.g., modalities) and their contents
  • Reminders e.g., for constancy checks and notice periods

Reporting system

Intelligent workflow rules for notification types:

  • Fault messages
  • Praise and criticism
  • Suggestions etc.

Risk management

  • Detailed overview of all risks and their weighting according to risk map, risk matrix including deriving measures

Predefined documents

Save precious time by using our templates.

  • QM manual with process instructions
  • Work instructions
  • Forms
  • Certificates
  • Hygiene manual


  • Communication platform for efficient information exchange
  • Customizable to the requests of your organization

Project management

All projects at a glance:

  • Definition of mile stones
  • Distribution of tasks
  • Status display

By using NEXUS / RIS as a data management system, a professional statistics tool provides efficient and sound statistics, customizable analyses and comprehensive risk assessments for all of your sites of radiology and nuclear medicine. 

Thereby, the basis for an optimum of transparency is given to make fast and sound decisions for all business areas. All information collected in the NEXUS / RIS forms the data pool for these statistics that serve purposes of economical transparency, risk assessment and individual issues. The possibility to integrate own data sources (personnel, comparative figures, expenses) provides the basis for a complete economical overview.


  • Professional statistics tool
  • Radiology and nuclear medicine
  • Integration of own data sources (personnel, comparative, expenses)


  • Risk assessment for all sites
  • Optimum of economical transparency
  • Complete economical overview