Archiving of all multimedia documents of one institution in a central archive of the organization

The PACS archive was a big technical challenge in the past. Now, it is no longer necessary to have an own archive for the (radiological) PACS. The CHILI PACS can come with its own archive but it can also save its data in the organization's archive provided by the customer, where all data of the organization is saved in an auditable manner.
The vendor neutral archive (VNA) is a solution for the standardized organization-wide archiving of all medical data of an organization. The CHILI archive is such a VNA. It consolidates different imaging systems of the institution and integrates them into a standardized system on the user level. The technical archive can be provided by NEXUS / CHILI or by the institution itself.


  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)
  • Central storage of all multimedia data for several sites, optionally with client concept
  • Hardware- and manufacturer-independent
  • Based on international standards and protocols such as e.g.  HL7, DICOM, non-DICOM, IHE (with XDS, XDS-i) and WADO


  • Quality improvement due to central access to all multimedia data
  • Facilitated organization of multiple archives
  • Central professional management increases reliability
  • Combining archives reduces costs

References/Case studies

  • Amperkliniken, spread over four sites
  • Magdeburg University Hospital
  • Hospitals of south-east Bavaria, spread over 10 sites

Suitable products

The CHILI Enterprise PACS is the solution recommended for large hospitals. 

The CHILI Enterprise PACS receives, saves and visualizes DICOM and non-DICOM data and can smoothly be integrated into the existing infrastructure. The software package contains all major functions and interfaces in order to link various in-house systems, such as HIS, RIS, modalities while meeting the IHE specifications. With its integrated web server, the Enterprise PACS comes with web-based image distribution for 50 simultaneous users.


  • Integration with HIS/ RIS
  • Up to 15 modalities
  • 50 simultaneous users in image distribution
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve for retrieval from ten different systems


  • Separation of clients: Data may be separated logically or physically into different data areas in order to meet data privacy requirements
  • Adaptation of foreign data: Foreign data from CD/DVD or from teleradiology can comfortably be adapted to the internal IDs
  • Multimedial data: Open for all data: Images , videos and documents in any format (DICOM and non-DICOM)
  • The PACS can be queried from foreign systems via DICOM Query/Retrieve
  • The PACS may be spread over several sites

CHILI Web is a software solution for image distribution and teleradiology based on the well-tried CHILI PACS architecture which is capable of being extended. The system is IHE-compliant and can smoothly be integrated into the clinical workflow. The CHILI web server receives images from the imaging modalities or from a PACS via DICOM and saves them in a relational database system. The web server may be used as an interface to the existing PACS and can make PACS images available to web users.


  • No software installation on the Clients, since web-based
  • No dependence on specific browsers or versions
  • Can be called from other systems (HIS, RIS, office computer, electronic medical record, ...)
  • Users have the same setting at all workplaces
  • Can be combined with PACS systems from other manufacturers


  • Saves resources, since no configuration needs to be made for user accounts and no deployment required 
  • Increase of process quality: All images are available at all workplaces at any time
  • Cost saving, as the viewer can also be used for reading and reporting
  • Multiple uses, as encryption and compression enable its use for teleradiology

International standard interfaces optimize integration with other information systems such as e.g. HIS, RIS or office computer systems. The most important standards are DICOM, HL7 and the rules of the "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" IHE initiative.

Please find below our certificates on standard conformance of our interfaces


  • Transmission of requests from RIS/HIS
  • Transmission of images from modalities
  • Transmission and storage of reports
  • Teleradiology


  • Open for the combination of the best applications for the task to be completed (Best of Breed)
  • Fast and uncomplicated integration and cost saving due to standard interfaces
  • Workload reduction and higher process quality due to optimal workflow
  • Avoidance of redundancy

The CHILI solutions are based on modules for communication, storage and visualization of multimedial medical data. They are in compliance with international standards and were developed under a quality management system according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and are FDA 510(k) approved. The modules can easily be integrated in applications from other manufacturers.


  • Quality-tested according to international standards
  • Modular
  • Based on international standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE)
  • Platform-independent


  • Save costs by using modules that have been proven in use for many years
  • Establish interoperability of own products
  • Reduce time-to-market of new products
Time period
Time period

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Answering questions on operation and configuration
  • Proactive flaw detection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation of updates and upgrades free of charge
  • Support with all questions on PACS operation
  • No need to build own know-how for operating systems, databases, etc.
  • Free-of-charge updates and upgrades to new versions
Time period

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

In addition:
Support even on weekends and bank holidays in the case of serious incidents

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In addition:
Round-the-clock support on all days in the case of serious incidents