Home Office for Clinic Employees: The Immediate Solution NEXUS / KLINIK-MOBIL

Do you need to ensure the operation of your medical facility at all times and protect your employees in times of crisis? Are your IT and administrative processes geared to home office and remote work? Are you and your employees prepared for working from the home office? Do your employees have secure access to your IT environment?

Ready for operation the next day!

We deliver a notebook directly to the home of your employees. Your employees can log on to your system directly via the NEXUS computer center. Technically, we use a terminal server connection and a site-to-site VPN connection for this, which enables secure access to clinic data.

Employees from IT, administration or clinic operations thus have the possibility of relocating their workstation at short notice if it becomes necessary!

A quick solution without a fixed term commitment!

There is no further burden for the clinic. NEXUS takes over the entire process from installation of the notebook to commissioning and ensures that your employees are ready to work the next day.

The advantages for the clinic are convincing

  • Data storage remains in the clinic
  • No direct investment is necessary
  • The mobile workplace is set up quickly and easily

Our specialists have many years of experience and will reliably help you through this challenge. Thus, despite the current situation, you do not have to do without your specialists from the clinic, IT or administration.

To support the clinics in the current time, we offer this cloud service as a daily price per workstation, without a fixed term commitment.