Hospital computer, at home or even quarantine station? Stay mobile with TKmed!

The Corona virus is a stress test for all of us, but no matter where you work from, with TKmed you always stay mobile and work location-independently from any internet-enabled computer or Mac. This way you mobilize your on-call service not only in times of Corona.

When logging in outside your hospital network, you will be prompted to enter a token in addition to your user name and password. Your in-house TKmed administrator can book this token quickly and easily via the TKmed portal. And you can get started right away.

Two solution variants are available to you for this purpose: Either completely digitally as a link on your smartphone via Google Authenticator app or via hardlock token (similar to classic home banking) with a practical display for quick code generation.


Patient communication - TKmed builds bridges

Since 2011, we have been connecting medical facilities of all sizes with each other and, of course, across specialties. The four strongest user groups in TKmed are trauma surgeons/orthopedists, closely followed by radiologists, neurologists, and cardiologists. In the meantime, a large number of rehabilitation facilities also work with TKmed.

Since 2015, you have also been able to receive data from non-TKmed participants via TKmed Direkt, for example from external referring physicians or patients. With a view to patient communication, we are offering an exciting enhancement this year in the form of a mobile smartphone solution. This allows you to provide your patients with images, videos and documents with a single click - if desired, also directly integrated into your clinic information or radiology information system.


Ready for trauma center certification?

Are you a local, regional or national provider in the trauma network? With a TKmed connection, you are ideally equipped for an upcoming trauma center certification or re-certification.
With TKmed, you ensure that you are always accessible to the hospitals in your trauma network.


Did you know?

...that TKmed is always licensed on a multi-user basis and can be used from different computers without any restrictions?

Even our entry-level version TKmed Basis, one of our bestsellers by the way, can be accessed as a web-based solution from any Internet-enabled computer or Mac. With Gateway Professional, it can even be accessed on any tablet, iPad or HTML5-capable browser.


Become a TKmed member now and use it free of charge until the end of 2020!

In the current situation, TKmed makes it easier for all new members to join with a time-limited offer, the COVID-19 basic package including TKmed access and patient upload portal TKmed Direkt completely free of charge in 2020!

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