Our product highlights at the RÖKO 2024

We are already looking forward to the upcoming Röntgenkongress 2024 from 8 to 10 May in Wiesbaden, where we will be presenting our latest innovations. Our focus will be on how we can revolutionise everyday clinical practice with intelligent solutions to enable faster diagnosis, documentation and planning.

Radiology 4.0: AI meets radiology

Two types of AI systems are used in radiology. One type analyses images for abnormalities, while the other focuses on specific questions. For example, a mammogram can be analysed for breast cancer and the risk of breast cancer in the next three years can be calculated. This technology helps radiologists to save time on routine tasks and enables faster and more precise diagnoses. Together with deepc, we are presenting the integration of the deepc AI platform into the CHILI workstation. The images are rule-based and automatically sent to the AI. At the moment of diagnosis, the radiologist can see in the CHILI workstation whether an examination has been sent to the AI, what the processing status is and, after completion, the "clinical findings" directly in the workstation.


Benefits of AI platforms

  • One platform for many AI algorithms
  • MPG-certified
  • Only one integration for many applications
  • Less effort for radiology IT
  • Workflow integration
  • Availability of AI results in the existing information systems


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With the new portal downloader, you can seamlessly integrate data from various patient portals into your workflow. Simply scan the QR code of the portal URL, authenticate yourself and after the integration workflow you will have direct access to relevant images and findings in your systems. 

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RIS and portal integration

Our deep integration of the portal into the RIS makes it possible to integrate appointments, fillable forms and the entire communication of findings directly into your existing workflow. 

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PACS optimisation

New functions for even more efficient workflows! Our new features improve the integration of the PACS into your workflows and even enable direct reporting in the PACS. 

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Advanced dose management

We have expanded the existing PACS to include integrated dose management, without data duplication or additional interfaces. 

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