Book publication "Teleradiology"

After almost 3 years of intensive work, the book "Teleradiology: Radiology - Management - IT" by Dr Uwe Engelmann, Dr Torsten B. Möller and Dr Florian Schwind has now been published by Springer-Verlag. Congratulations!

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Teleradiological reporting is becoming increasingly important for hospitals that cannot afford or do not want a radiologist at night and on holidays. With telemedicine becoming more and more popular, teleradiology has also been growing for years.

The aim of this book is to provide comprehensive information about teleradiology, possibilities, workflows, infrastructure and areas of application. In doing so, both the user side (the radiological doctor as the reporting physician) and the client side (the clinics) are examined, which must interact closely here. 

The book informs the reader comprehensively about the following aspects of teleradiology:

  • Medical aspects
  • The hospital management's point of view
  • Legal requirements (Radiation Protection Act and Ordinance)
  • DIN standards
  • Workflows
  • Approval process
  • Quality aspects
  • Integration into the IT landscape of the parties involved
  • Communication standards in medicine/radiology
  • Examples of realised teleradiology networks
  • Data protection
  • Legal issues


Further information can be found at Springer.

You can take a look at the book at amazon.