NEXUS / CHILI and deepc - a partnership for innovative AI use in radiology

The software company NEXUS / CHILI, which develops RIS, PACS and telemedicine solutions, and the MedTech company deepc, which specialises in AI, are cooperating. The aim of the partnership is to provide as many AIs as possible with only one interface to the PACS.

[Translate to Englisch:] Partnerschaft deepc und NEXUS / CHILI, Gruppe Männer, zusammenstehen

[Translate to Englisch:] NEXUS / CHILI und deepc: ( v.l.n.r.) Dr. F. Schwind, Dr. H. Münch, Dr. F. Pfister, Dr. U. Engelmann

The combination of artificial intelligence and image-processing software solutions offers users a significant simplification and acceleration of the workflow, especially in the area of reporting. In addition to the users, the patients also benefit from the integration. Due to the quality improvement, the time savings and the accelerated diagnostics, treatment can be started correspondingly faster and patient safety can be increased.

The detailed press release on the partnership can be found here.