Network for Teleradiology

reif & möller with their technology partner CHILI, improve the efficiency of teleradiology for hospitals with a fully automated exchange of pictures and reports at the push of a button.

About 60 hospitals from all over Germany have joined the reif & möller network for teleradiology in recent years. Especially at night, during weekends or as a contractor, reif & möller’s 30 physicians specialized in diagnostic findings support their 60 partner hospitals. This way, the hospitals ensure smooth, high-quality health services at all times. In the future, it will be possible to exchange pictures and their reports at the push of a button.

The radiologic technologists or the hospital’s radiologists send CT or MRT patient images to the reif & möller physicians via a data line. The same route is used to return the written reports to the hospital’s radiology department. In the future, all images will be automatically archived in a central PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). This will provide the highest possible amount of flexibility, as images and reports are made available for every hospital employee faster than before, at any place. “This technological connection is a milestone for digital health services and will improve work routines for diagnostics as well as for treatment of patients”, emphasizes CHILI CEO Dr. Uwe Engelmann.

We are pleased to have CHILI GmbH as technology partner that will enable us to further improve our services to the connected clinics”, says Dr. Torsten Möller, CEO reif & möller network for teleradiology and chairman of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Teleradiologie (German society for teleradiology). “Teleradiology allows reading CT and MRT images over large distances. Hospitals thus improve their health care services and save time and money”, stresses Dr. Möller.