NEXUS / DeepView - Seeing what's hidden beneath the surface

Patient documentation plays a central role in hospitals: for patient treatment, treatment billing and ultimately also in the event of legal disputes. It therefore has a decisive influence on the quality of treatment and the economic efficiency of a facility. But what does complete documentation actually contain? Do you get the patient information you need at the push of a button or do you have to search for it in different systems for a long time?

Seeing through the depths
The longer you think about it, the clearer it becomes that there is much more to patient documentation than meets the eye. For example, what about the findings brought along in the paper file in the archive? Or with the DICOM image series in the PACS? And wasn't there a small blood count in the laboratory information system? Oh, and last year the patient with the same problem was in the affiliated MVZ? A lot of time can be wasted searching for treatment-relevant information. Ideally, this information should be brought together digitally. But regardless of whether it is a digital archive, DMS, ECM, HCM, CSP, VNA, IHE repository or PACS - none of the previous systems enables you to have a complete overview right down to the depths. But NEXUS / DeepView can do more: medical documents, structured and unstructured data, DICOM images, audios, videos, administrative documents as well as information from IHE partners are clearly combined in a digital patient record.

Functions in depth
All information is archived in an audit-proof manner and classified according to the standardised KDL structure. Within the patient record, all documents, data and images can be centrally searched, viewed and distributed in a user-oriented manner. An MPG-compliant multi-format viewer also enables the reporting of image data and continuous processes without changing systems. But NEXUS / DeepView is much more: As a central communication interface, it enables hospitals to exchange documents, data and images on the basis of international standards. Communication with the service provider portal of the medical service, with teleradiologists, referring physicians or soon with the ePA can be implemented easily and safely via flexible extensions.

Processes in depth
An application example for the end-to-end process support provided by DeepView is the preparation of the anamnesis for a recurring patient. From admission to teleconsultation to the billing check by the MDK, the doctor has all the necessary information and functions in one system and his work processes are optimally supported.

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