The NEXUS / PORTAL optimises the entire workflow.


Situation NEXUS / PORTAL

Patients would like to be able to make appointments easily, submit preliminary examinations before the appointment, get an insight into the examination results and also have the collected data available for follow-up care after discharge.



NEXUS / PORTAL accompanies the entire case from the forefront of inpatient admission to the discharge of the patients and their follow-up treatment.


  • Online appointment services
  • Upload of preliminary examinations
  • Reconnaissance and admission documents
  • Digital forms
  • Treatment-specific information
  • Examination results such as findings, doctor's letters, image data, laboratory data
  • Follow-up questionnaires and surveys



NEXUS / PORTAL makes an important contribution to patient empowerment and optimises the entire workflow. It provides the patient with documents and data during and after his treatment and enables the hospital to have smooth processes and more efficient planning.


For the hospital

  • Deep integration in NEXUS primary systems
  • Exchange via established standards
  • On Premise
  • Cross-sector exchange
  • Planning efficiency
  • Workflow optimisation

For the patient

  • Transparency and involvement
  • Share and download data
  • Flexible access via smartphone or desktop
  • No installation necessary
  • Authentication via password and access code
  • Intuitive interface
  • Reminder services

For service providers

  • Participation in the treatment process
  • Providing and downloading data
  • Exchange across sectors
  • No installation necessary
  • Secure authentication


The NEXUS / PORTAL fulfils all the mandatory requirements of funding category 2 of the KHZG and is therefore fully eligible for funding.