CHILI Solutions

Software components for radiology and other fields of medicine involving image processing 


For all units of the medical institution


Integrated solutions for the institution's medical image management


Solutions of inter-institutional communication



CHILI systems have a modular structure and can thus grow with the requirements

Multimedia data

Data of all DICOM modalities, non-DICOM data (photos, videos) and biosignals (e.g. ECG)

Fail-safe system

The business-critical systems have a redundancy concept and feature non-stop operation


[Translate to Englisch:] COVID-19 – Unterstützung von NEXUS / CHILI

In the field of radiology digital collaboration is already proven and widespread.

In this context, we now offer addiotional support services


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Since 2018, kununu and the magazine FOCUS BUSINESS publish their list of “Top Employers” in the medium-sized business sector. Kununu is an online platform over which employees can rate their current or former working place anonymously.

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We return from this year´s one-week IHE Connectathon in Rennes with a number of new profiles in our luggage. With 68 participating companies different profiles and interfaces could be tested and exchange with experts.

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