NEXUS / CHILI develops innovative software components for radiology and other image-processing fields. Our goal is to design workflows transparently, efficiently and above all as simply as possible through optimally integrated overall concepts tailored to your individual needs, so that you have time for the essential things.

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Our solutions are individually adaptable to the size of the operational area and can grow with you if you wish. Because we want to offer you the best solution for your daily challenges, from the specialist department to across facilities.


For all units of the medical institution


Integrated solutions for the institution's medical image management


Solutions of inter-institutional communication



CHILI systems have a modular structure and can thus grow with the requirements

Multimedia data

Data of all DICOM modalities, non-DICOM data (photos, videos) and biosignals (e.g. ECG)

Fail-safe system

The business-critical systems have a redundancy concept and feature non-stop operation


The new overall solution NEXUS / RISNG is particularly characterised by its modern and innovative user interface. With the help of the new technology, you can set up individually adapted workspaces with just a few clicks. A special focus was placed on the implementation of the continuous electronic workflow in radiology. The software solution supports you significantly in making your work processes more efficient and transparent.


The PACS solution from NEXUS / CHILI offers a holistic solution for medical image management. The systems are modular and can thus grow with your needs. The PACS processes DICOM and non-DICOM images as well as documents. The mission-critical systems are redundant and run non-stop for guaranteed reliability.

Portal solutions

The portal solutions enable the involvement of all those involved in the treatment process. Thus, the patient can make relevant findings and images of previous examinations available to his treating physicians via the CHILI upload portal. Findings and images can be made available to the patient via the CHILI patient portal and to the referring physician via the referring physician portal. The CHILI findings portal can be used to transmit medical findings.

Teleradiology portal

Teleradiology is one of the oldest disciplines of telemedicine. In principle, it is initially understood as the transmission of medical images from one location to another. The CHILI teleradiology portal covers the entire workflow of teleradiology in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance in an integrated system and documents all the individual steps, so that the diagnosis of the image data can take place regardless of location.

CHILI WebViewer NG

The CHILI WebViewerNG enables access to medical images on the go via mobile devices. The operating system-independent viewer requires no installation. The images can be retrieved from the digital patient file via URL and the application is secure and fast due to encryption and compression of the data. With the help of a built-in camera, images can be captured on the move and assigned to an examination.


One archiving solution for all medical content in the hospital, completely independent of different data formats - that is the RVC Clinical Repository. The Clinical Repository makes hospital operations more effective and paper-reduced and enables fast and central access to digital information on patients. Thus, the repository stands for universal data integration paired with consistent visualisation.


We are already looking forward to the upcoming Röntgenkongress 2024 from 8 to 10 May in Wiesbaden, where we will be presenting our latest innovations. Our focus will be on how we can revolutionise everyday clinical practice with intelligent solutions to enable faster diagnosis, documentation and planning.

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Once again this year, NEXUS / CHILI GmbH is delighted to be able to present our latest innovations to you at the Röntgenkongress 2024 in Wiesbaden. Visit our stand and experience how we are revolutionising speed in everyday clinical practice.

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Are you ready for a concentrated dose of healthcare IT under the Berlin Radio Tower? You guessed it: DMEA is just around the corner. 

NEXUS / CHILI GmbH will be proudly presenting its customised solutions, which focus on advanced technologies and efficient workflows, at the NEXUS AG stand.

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